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  • CTC Yamaha TY250/350 Mono 1984-92 Replacement Lower Rear Shock Absorber Bush - 

    Discontinued Yamaha Part Number 5X6-22226-00

    This Bush is located as Number 45 in the parts photo above.

    These fit the following bikes:

    Yamaha TY250/350 Mono - all years and models

    Yamaha IT175 1982 - 1983

    Yamaha YZ100 / 125 / 250 / 490 1982 - 1983

    This Bush has been re-manufactured to OE Specification using 316 Stainless Steel with a pressed nylon 6, 80 shore inner bush as used in many modern performance car suspension components

    We also have all of the other linkage and suspension parts in stock if required 

    YAMAHA 5X6-22226-00 TY250/350/IT175/YZ100/125/250/490 LOWER SHOCK ABSORBER BUSH

    Only 9 left in stock
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