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Here we have a brand new serivce kit to fit all years and models of Montesa 4RT & 4-Ride.

This kit contains the following items:

1L of Putoline DX4 10/40 Engine Oil

1L of Putoline Light Gear Oil 75w

1L of Putoline Coolant NF

1 x HD Black 102 Link 520 pitch Chain

Choice of 41 or 42 tooth Apico/Talon rear sprocket in red, black, silver or gold.

Choice of 10 or 11 tooth Apico/Talon front sprocket

Genuine Honda Case Gasket

OEM Quality Hi Flo Oil Filter

Apico/Twinair Air Filter

NGK Spark Plug

Front & Rear Wheel Bearings

Apico Chain Tensioner Block

If purchased individually this kit would cost over £230

Our special offer kit price is just £172.50 saving you £57.50....

Sorry but this kit can NOT be shipped overseas, we can supply this kit to overseas customers without the oils & coolant, please message us for details.




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