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  • Here we have a brand new CTC Yamaha TY250/350 Mono large volume performance airbox.

    This airbox has been produced using 3D printing technology with ABS+ material making them very light but also strong. The desing of these has given the airbox over twice the internal air volume of the original airbox and with the outlet of the airbox being perfectly inline with the carb inlet it makes the path of the airflow uninterupted. This ahs also been designed with a drain bolt in the lowest point, so should you get any water ingress it can be drained out without the need to remove the airbox. it has also been designed so you can use your original air filter,  air filter cage and air filter cage strap, but the airbox does not come with these.

    The airox comes with the reinforced silicone connecting hose, 2 x stainless steel jubilee clips, all of the stainless steel fixing brackets, stainless steel fixing bolts. if you require a new air filter, air filter cage or air filter cage strap please see the options.


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