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  • Here we have a brand new CTC Yamaha TY250/350 Mono disc conversion Billet hub and Floating disc kit. These hubs have been CNC'd from aerospace grade aluminium with a 32 hole configuration for 2 reasons:

    1. It makes the front wheel lighter than the standard pinky front wheel as the hub is made from a lighter and stronger material than the original hub and it has 4 less spokes than the original front wheel also saving on weight.

    2. You can reuse your original drum brake front rim as that is also 32 holed, saving you money.

    The hub will come with your choise of round or wavey floating disc and CTC stainless steel floating disc bushes.

    We have had special internal and external wheel spacers CNC'd from the same material so this will fit striaight into the fork leg without any modification and you can use your original front wheel spindle.

    Please note that you cannot use your speedo drive with this hub.

    We also have Lightwieght aluminium front wheel spindles available which are less than half the weight on the original steel spindle, these are available in our shop.

    The hub comes in a choice of vapour blasted finish, Cerakote or powder coat finish in a variety of colours.


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