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CTC High Performance Yamsport Aluminium Rear Silencer to fit all Yamaha TY250/350 Mono bikesx manufactured between 1984 to 1992.

These have been remade to fit the above bikes using the original Mick Andrews pressing formes modified to fit a modern CNC Press.

These are being remade using the Yamsport name with permission directly from Mick Andrews and have been enhanced beyond the original mk2 spec with guidance from Mick Andrews as to where these improvements could be made.

The original Yamsport silencers were made for the Hamilton and Factory Yamaha Team bikes and are one of the only silencers to improve the performance of the TY Mono.

This silencer gives the bike a lovely deep note to the exhaust and increases bottom end torque as well as allowing the bike to rev out cleanly at the top end.

These are hand made here in the UK at Cambs Trials Centre and have been manufactured using only the latest and best quality materials.

They have a large stainless steel perforated tube and silent sport packing inside the silencer and will produce a lovely deep note.

These silencers are made to order, so please allow up to 10 days for delivery 


Only 5 left in stock
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